Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are very important. They represent the first impression to the guests for your wedding, and usually kept by recipients. So your invitations must be original and influential. You have to select them so as to make an impression and be a beautiful memory, and furthermore bear the uniqueness of your own wedding.

If you want to make an impression and be unique, select the text for your own invitations or write it yourself. This text must express yourself and your family, and your love. Do not settle for ready-made invitations, their text is boring and impersonal.

If where you live is for you, you can choose wedding invitations with an original photo of grada processed in an interesting style and colors. If you want your invitations to be made by the designer, this is even better because it can turn in appearance as you want by yourself. Select motifs that are familiar to everyone, old building or plaza, statue, park or even the church where the wedding will take place.

Another option is to print your photos on the invitations again diversify ordinary picture with a special effect, such as an animated version or black and white, and if you like the idea, you have your photos to children’s pictures.

Poetry is synonymous with romance, use this sentence and insert your favorite poetry, or even your own words or quotes at the top of the invitation, as it split from the other text with a symbol, image or monogram. This will add more individuality and intimacy of your invitation.

Instead of using a computer to write text to the invitation in your own handwriting and scan it.

For guests who are not from the town where the ceremony will be good to put small map how to find the location of your svatba.Tova can become very creative way and even funny, if you turn the arrow picture of the area, if done child, etc.

If you are unable to personalized invitation, at least you can do this with text that is arranged so as to identify the nature of the couple, for example: “Fly with Us”, “Witness the boundless love us”, “You are invited to enjoy a romantic union between .. “” Dive with us in a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlove “etc.