I led from the idea that marriage is the great meeting between man and woman – she is both end and beginning in primordial longing of the soul lost in its entirety.

In this special day I can come only with love, beauty and spirit.

With me your wedding will be certainly different wedding – because it will be beautiful not only for the eyes, but it will be filled with the spirit and meaning of the holiday sacred. Word, music, atmosphere, wonderful surprises – every moment and detail of this day will become the most exciting experience you ever have happened.

Keep the perfect organization of all activities in the preparation and conduct of the wedding day. With attention, respect and precision thinking and realize every detail.

With me, Christina, preparing your wedding will be both relaxing and exciting, you – elegant and charming and festive day – full iznanadi, beauty and meaning.

Beauty is eternity contemplate in a mirror.
But you are eternity and mirror.
Kahlil Gibran