Wedding traditions in Africa

Africa is a large and varied continent containing some of the oldest civilizations on earth. It is home to a wide variety of religions and cultures at play many of wedding traditions. Africans attach great importance to marriage and hold weddings that reflect their identity and generic heritage.

If you need to name the most revealing wedding tradition of the African continent, it would be the importance of family. African wedding is in one way or another is the bringing together of two lovers in a family or merging of two families, and even the two tribes into one family unit. Concept of family is the unifying ideas of the African continent.

There are more than 1000 different cultures in Africa and each of them, each tribe has its own wedding and marriage traditions, much of whose origin can be traced back hundreds or even thousands of years.

There are many different religions represented in Africa. Many North Africans were influenced by Muslim traditions, while further south more than the Christian, Hindu, and even Jewish traditions with other ancient traditions. Many weddings are held, but none is the same as others. Bride plays a very important role in society and treat her with respect, because it is a connection between the ancestors and the unborn generation. In some parts of Africa, the groom’s family even moved into the village of the bride and there begin their new life.

In many places in Africa young girls are trained from an early age to be good wives. They may even learn secret codes and secret languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat allow them to communicate with other married women without their husbands understanding what is being said.

Depending on which part of Africa you are, wedding ceremonies can be very elaborate, some lasting for days. Often huge ceremonies are held during which many couples are united at the same time.