Wedding Flowers

As already mentioned a wedding, you can not no flowers. But along with other costs for restaurants, dress, suit and everything that is required of newlyweds on their day can lower your costs by exploring these ideas.

First, it is best to orient the flowers that match the season. Flowers that bloom in spring, for example, and your wedding is in the fall are not a good idea, for the simple reason that they are more expensive.

Talk with people who will take care of the decoration of flowers and seek advice from them, what would be most acceptable to your budget.

Pre consider what colors you want to attend your wedding and do not forget to warn Florian about what flowers and colors you do not like to then no unpleasant surprises at the last moment.

Note also that the same variety of flowers changed its price according to season, so tulips in a season can be extremely cheap and decorate the whole restaurant with them, and in another, even two bouquet table will seem insanely expensive .

If you do not plan your wedding seasons in which the cost of the flowers is increased because of a holiday, such as Valentine’s Day or 8ΠΌΠΈ March

Be clever and choose flowers that are more lavish and a small piece fills more space.

If your wedding is outdoors, select an appropriate park or garden, which has a natural beauty and flowers and no need for additional decoration.

Alternatively, if by chance the same day there is a wedding, you can contract with another couple to split the cost of the flowers and use them and you and you.

Carnations are one of the cheapest flowers that you can find, take advantage of this, though simple, they are beautifully decorated and appointed, they can become wonderful and original decoration for your wedding, whether they are placed on tables or They are used for decoration of the room.

As you can see in the pictures, with a little more imagination and taste carnations are an exclusive decoration.

Another option is to contract with a flower shop you sublet large potted plants such as palms or others who can only use for the day. Visually fill a lot of space and create a cozy and intimate atmosphere of home.